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The National Young Stars Foundation  would like to see every young child shine  as the brightest star of the future and to help them build the future  they would like to live in.

Mission Statement

Dream Big, Plan Smart, Live Better

🏏 Narsingh Bhajan 🏏

Our Founder and Dreamer

The first child of a family of 15 children there was no other hope than to dream big. Struggle and hard times ore the foundation of inspiration. I did it all, sold newspapers,worked in the cane fields, chicken farms, orange fields, garment industry, security officer, salesman, truck driver, route driver salesman, House Keeper yard and pool maintenance, maintenance mechanic, hotel shuttle driver, Bus driver, Business man, dispatch supervisor Uber and Lift driver. I had to do whatever I was able to do on my journey. I never gave in or gave up.

As a big brother I had a lot of challenges of which I am very proud to say we have overcome.

My inspiration in culture started as a child living with my Great Grandmother who raised me. She was a leader in the village with her parents all first generation indentured servants. Music, Travel,and worship in the traditional Hindu faith was the corner stone of my surroundings.

Sports was our best escape, football and cricket was the every day activity for our growing family, As a student in school I excelled in the 100 and 200 meters  and dreamed of the Olympics but was tripped up at a county finals that was the end.I always believed if I had the right support group and resources to continue I would have been an Olympian.

My goal as we look forward is to work as best as I can to never have another child say "If I had a chance". If you want to get to the next level, Join US. If you know someone who needs to get to the next level. Help them Join US. If you have the skills to make a child life better.


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